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Higher Density Living Podcast

Jan 11, 2022

Emotions are a temporal character of human beingness. We characterize these phenomena as a reflection of past upheavals and experiences often consequential to the future. This is why Higher Density Living podcast considers an intricate discourse regarding emotion due to its temporal influence to affect the present reality. 


This podcast episode detail a successive discussion regarding emotions with a blend of graphical presentation. A vivid perspective in visualization and cognitive imagery tells many about the upheaval and formation of crystallized liquid art. Your emotions affect physical health and material integrity aspects of yourself. Alex and Jason talk about various emotional phenomena in the physical-material reality of human beings. As they present visual guides to help navigate viewers the correlation between structural crystallize formations and the immaterial avatar of emotions we masked in our expressions. Tears are beautiful artifacts of nature We take a closer look at nature’s wonderful ornaments. We find a plurality of creational energy and artisanship of nature to sculpt unique structural texture, feel, and substance evocative to its emotional form. 


Emotions are human things innate to nature fluent to affect feelings but these are not catalyst or determinant drives that decide the destiny of evolution. Creation, just like mundane choices, is based on the free will of an entity to procreate powers and thought into unity under action. This episode is a treat for those craving for a spectacle of visual exhibitions, brought to us by Alex and Jason’s delicate research outputs, of different emotions ranging from vibrant textures of joy, compassion, redemption,  to the loud and stark web-like patterns of remorse. Let’s join them as they run through the wonders of topographic tears and discuss Ego and self-enlightenment.