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Higher Density Living Podcast

Feb 15, 2022

The power of human flight has always been one of the greatest technological feats of man. We take a look at the most uncompromising vehicle prototypes ever constructed by the US government (Department of Defense or DoD), the TR-3B aircraft, a top profile aircraft of the United States Air Force which showcases a triangular hull design with a concentric propulsion system to acceleration from lower staggered altitude to supersonic high altitude speeds. This amazing feat was achieved by multiple cutting edge private military contractors to the DoD, which only hints at how large is the military-industrial complex in market shares and access to state-of-the-art technologies.


In this episode, we crunch into a wildly accurate discussion of technical detail from highly coveted information of the “Black Triangle” TR-3B. The aircraft contains much-classified technology safeguarded by the pentagon’s pretorian public control information offices. The craft was initially designed as surveillance aircraft called the TR-3A “Black Manta”, the progenitor for the B-2 spirit bomber design, which later prefabricated with anti-gravitational technology through plasma energy propulsion system in the TR-3B. Our hosts Alex and Jason guide a run through the technical details and logical science behind the TR-3B in which many have accused and associated numerous UFO sightings. To top it all off, in addition to having very convincing and compelling familiarities from Dr. Daniel Fry’s UFO encounter occurred during the early 1960’s in the White Sands missile range. A crazy coincidence gave the timeline of this aircraft’s experimental development in the same decade as Alon and its spacecraft made contact with planet earth. 


This only begs a question. Where does our federal government hide all the advanced “alien” technologies that made these technological breakthroughs possible? Several interesting things to take away from this episode is, how long has the government kept secrets from us? How many more of these experiments are kept hidden still? And just the astonishing stubbornness of people to not share information like this for learning and enlightenment of human perception about technology and physics.


Let's join Alex and Jason as they explore the wonders of Alien technology.