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Higher Density Living Podcast

May 15, 2022

This two part episode is a walkthrough of nuances regarding American identity of neofascism; its historical roots in Europe, the founding figures, and legacy on American orthodox politics.  We explore more on James H. Madole, the former leader and founder of National Renaissance Party in the US, and his ideological progenitors, origins, and intellectual foundations for influencing neoclassical variants of fascism to America.


This episode tackles James Madole's later years and his ideological legacy to various political developments in fascists, far-right movements in the United States. The American version of fascism is heavily grounded on its older European counterparts. It directs the economic system to mercantilist capitalism while shutting down any signs of free market activities. Among more refined versions of this political system is reliance on isolationist and racist culture. This machinery is a premier reason to direct controversies and mobilize domestic attacks, just like the January 6th insurrection, which can deal enough damage to political integrity as well as basic human decency. Alternative iterations of Fascists political economies bear resemblance to State Corporatism under the Non-Aligned (Third Wave) movements. These alternatives, together with the polar extremities of left-wing communism will be compared side by side.


It should be commonsensical that perpetuation of division and hate will hinder our ascendancy from third density to fourth density living. We should abandon divisiveness among ourselves and start recognizing we are all ONE together in evolution and creation. The truth will remain forever in this universe. Nothing else will. That is something you must focus on. That you should always remember. More than any form of belief.


Regardless, we go back to the essence of understanding and love. This way we can see beyond petty grievances and move forward for the better. Your choice, your Free will can help us make this world a better place. Belief is always a choice and we should all promote a community of oneness. Let us join Alex and Jason as they discuss Hate and Bigotry.