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Higher Density Living Podcast

Mar 25, 2022

This two part post-podcast episode explores some afterthoughts and relevant insights from our host, Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby, for nuance perspectives of Higher Density Living podcast in the Law of One/Ra Material. 


This second post-show episode highlights the importance of value. You can imagine the structure of Creation itself as manifest. You are PART and PARCEL of Creation. A living artifact of a social memory complex interacting with individual units of the mind, body, and spirit of all people.


Jim McCarty has opened up a wonderful, and insightful, perspective of looking into the practical lessons of the Ra contact. This final post-show wraps up the entire Jim McCarty special episode as we delve into several interesting remarks and analysis made by the scriber of Ra contact.


We cannot stress enough appreciation for Jim’s role in the Ra contact to make the entire group effort materialize into a fact we can study, learn, and access today. The legacies of Don, Carla, and Jim will live to newcomers spreading light, love, and learning. This is the advocacy of the Higher Density Living podcast.  We are all part of Creation itself.


Let’s join Alex, Jason, and Jim as they make a post-discussion on the Ra contact.