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Higher Density Living Podcast

Mar 15, 2022

Welcome! Higher Density Living has come to the height of its Law of One Ra material series, a long running podcast theme of the channel, conducts an exclusive interview of the only living channeler of Ra material, Jim McCarty, the scribe of Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert. Probably the most important job tasked to make sure every word is transcribed properly in the books. 


This special podcast episode narrates the humble beginnings of the Ra Material channeling group by the sole survivor of the trio, Jim McCarty, who did the transcription during the channeling sessions of Carla and Don with Ra. Having full knowledge as the scribe, he laid detailed documentation of the events during the time and even gave exclusive insights to this interview. We learn that Ra couldn't tell you these things because it requires voluntary  free will contact  as the most important aspect of meditative channeling. This exclusive close up examination of Jim McCarty delivers a list of laundry issues, experiences, and more nuances from the previous episodes of Law of One. This episode also highlights how social memory complex manifest itself in the Ra material: 


Walking the circle of one that Ra gave us but other groups other groups that have conscious channeling they may try to channel through the same entity that has a positive contact and mimic the positive contact for a while. – Jim McCarty, 2022


There is an expansive discussion in regards to actual experiences of mixed contact with other Ra channelers. Jim describes how the spectacle of the Ra contact came into its fruitful endeavor of success with the collective energetic trail of the trio. Ra essential provides a firewall to protect the meditative channeling. The creator  provides a wall through which prevents negative entities from passing information detrimental towards evolution. It sees a familiar algorithmic system repeating itself infinitely.Everything is learning and knows how to learn. That is how the creator interacts with itself and its creation. Ra said that individual perception of what is occurring has a very strict focus on that event by not looking at it in the sense that it is there to harm you, but as a teaching opportunity for you to GROW. We are all under the singular consciousness of oneness. Meditation is your way to find your path towards the Creator and path towards evolution.


As always, Ra and the teachings of this channel reminds us to love one another in open understanding. Make love in all of our thoughts, words, and deeds. Only when love is above all else can we graduate from lower densities into higher density of existence. Let’s join Alex, Jason, and Jim as they discuss the Ra material for Higher Density Living.