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Higher Density Living Podcast

Jun 7, 2022

This is a short recap of the previous episode of reviving dead species. This subject brought a curious application to human cloning. Can man use genetic engineering to uplift his playing field in physical evolution? Moreover, setting aside the explored nuance of science behind cloning. What consciousness holds between you and your clone?


In this episode, Alex and Jason discuss the concept of the self across time and space. What are the fundamental effects of meeting yourself in a technically different universe and reality of existence? The truth is we are all connected to the same relative channels of creational understanding and wisdom. Understanding is a sense of knowing the universe. In essence, we are reminded that everything about us is one across the fabric of reality. We are all one and the same.


We revisit some themes and subjects culled from earlier episodes of higher density living as Alex and Jason make sense of the ever growing and expanding consciousness of humanity. An age where man is not only for himself but now a part and parcel of nature, and ultimately, Creation.


Let us join Alex and Jason as they revamp the discussion about human consciousness.