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Higher Density Living Podcast

Apr 12, 2021

The caricatures of past life and reincarnations often propose a “Clean Slate” promise of greatness/ or heaven. Deeply imprinted in cultural, religious, and to some extent, the spiritual community, the self-serving dogmas of “Karma” often fall short on self-imposing coercion and Anti-Creational worldview. A shambling negative “thing” that negates any fruitful control over positive energy and pretentious against credible universal laws.

In this episode, Jason and Alex discuss Karma from different religious perspectives and reiterates its juxtaposition against punishment on personal evolutions. We inquire, ponder, and question the legitimacy of a “clean slate” and resetting belief. Let’s join them in this critical episode as they examine the established norms on Karma Gatekeeping and its detrimental “Dogmatic” impositions in the spiritual community.