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Higher Density Living Podcast

Jun 26, 2022

Is there still a Middle-earth beneath the civilized modern world? Or better yet, do we live in Middle-earth? Science plays a key role in understanding the underpinnings for today’s episode.


An interesting article suggests that Hobbits, a diminutive human-like species, somehow survive in remote captivity on the islands of Indonesia. But take it as a grain of salt. We dive deep concerning the issues of social anthropology and the chances of extinction under evolutive processes.


In this episode, Alex and Jason teach a lesson for humanity. The maintenance of lifespan, just like the survival of Hobbits, signals that small changes in evolution can produce life and death scenarios for the course of natural change. Species go extinct if they don’t adapt to the changes of nature. We need to find the reason that they are not here anymore. Alex also mentions the consequence of a butterfly effect, having small changes can cascade into a ripple of massive, transforming events. A single snap of mistake can turn humanity next in the chopping board of mass extinction. Essentially making Hobbits outlive us. 


We need to immortalize life and death because everything that lives will come and go. But the Earth will outlive us all. We come to the conclusion that change is the permanent key to survival. You need to adapt in order to survive in a constantly evolving world. The choice is to adapt or go extinct. The existence of Hobbits is a spark of curiosity that begs people to open up their minds for a greater world around them.


Let us join Alex and Jason as they revisit some discussion on Evolution and Extinction.