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Higher Density Living Podcast

Sep 27, 2022

This is the second episode for the You podcast series. Jason Rigby takes us on a series of discussions about maximizing your personal performance or You2.  He continues the discussion on the maximization of productivity and growth can be multiplied through unorthodox patterns and belief systems of success.  


Quantum Leaps can come without any strong efforts. It is a string of high velocity actions and concerted patterns that helps you maximize your performance.Invariably, Quantum Leaps are not complex and intricate maneuvers. It tends to be simple, energy efficient, and time saving.


Your personal effectiveness to achieve maximum performance in life. Your level of performance, the physical and material, is based on these built-in biases and belief systems. Breaking free from these dogmatic, belief-based systems will accelerate your growth in exponential rates. Jason strongly encourages us to literally “squaring yourself”, it will only take less effort than you ever did in the past. 


We are carbon based beings that are made out of universal matter. Think of it, if we are entirely made out of universal particles how come we don’t charge ourselves into the maximum limit? It should be imperative to you, as an entity of Creation capable of giving love, that we should take care of ourselves. Be the best version of you.