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Higher Density Living Podcast

Dec 1, 2021

What are the values of Spiritual and Social Science? From time immemorial we can trace the inequities of appreciation against the dichotomy of the social phenomena compared to material logos. The Aliens had opened up a major discursive arena for Dr. Daniel Fry. They represent much compelling analogy of Social and Spiritual Scientific bombardments against Fry’s Materialistic-Oriented Sciences. As we’ve seen, this goes in line with the great divide and scholarly debates among intellectuals and free thinkers of this planet. We are torn apart by dogmatic hegemony from those in power, rather than uplift actual enlightenment, bestowing submissiveness to their followers.

Alex and Jason traverse several insights in Social and Spiritual Sciences with a spice of historical anecdotes. They build upon the metaphor of the cliff where they illustrate a picture of our status quo collective thinking. We are once again warned by the upbringing of material science, reigning triumphant, over the under-appreciated spiritual and social sciences. How many people will start to analyze what is universally valid and what are untruthful material foundations of reality? We deliberately blur the lines of moral objectives by basing off Nature on material machinations. This machine controls all of us, we all follow the same herd mentality that all is leading us to the cliff.

The mission is to achieve understanding where true relationships flourish, but achieving these creational phenomena requires rigorous openness of the mind. Understanding is about building bridges to meet other people in the middle. It is an essential foundation for Creation to be conditional in the material realm.

Mass media, material capital, and other man-made technology have tampered with our Free Will. As a collective, we must reclaim our power and Free Will to change our lives and make this world a better place. It is only with adamant courage, an initiative of self responsibilities, and the use of Free Will we can truly kick-start the path for a Higher Density of Living.

Let’s join Alex and Jason together as they discuss once again Alien/Human Technology, Social Science, and Spiritual Science.