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Higher Density Living Podcast

May 23, 2022

Alien hunting and extraterrestrial contact had been Higher Density Living focal points of discussion as well as its central theme for podcast topics. The vastness of planet Earth and thousands of formal complaints, civil cases, and government programs dedicated to unmasking our alien affairs.


It is evident enough to point-out that the US government cares about UAP. We can recall how they can even take further steps to espouse and discover alien life through the Project Bluebook. All the while across the US and some parts of Europe host a myriad of Alien abductions of crash landing spacecraft in highly remote areas.


The home state of Alex and Jason, New Mexico, had been infamous for its strategic telecommunication facilities, both government and military installations in White Sand Air-force Missile Range and NRAO-NASA’s Karl G. Jansky Land Satellite for high quality data sharing and image collection for intense government intelligence operations. This apparent realization sprung our hosts to assess alien activities in specific areas.


In this episode, Alex and Jason will discuss the GISP, which stands for the Global Invasive Species Program, is a risk assessment for alien abductions which is also tasked to monitor potential foreign invasive species to threaten native life on Earth. It is based on highly scientific studies and findings to help and provide you precautionary steps. It is also a map that indicates places of frequent alien abductions.


Alex and Jason will over skim, cover to cover, the entire 18,000 cases of UFO abduction of GISP in their discussion. This summarized tactic can help us better understand what the GISP data is trying to convey, it largely falls under some false pretexts and understanding of legitimate incidents of alien abduction.


They also debunk the excessive, overhyped, and fear inflated concerns about alien abduction as they actually established a nuanced approach to these types of discussion.


Join Alex and Jason as they talk about advanced species and alien abductions.