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Higher Density Living Podcast

Nov 15, 2022

In order to understand a nuanced approach to the higher self, Alexander and Jason strongly suggest backtracking the Ra Materials and Billy Meier cases from previous episodes (or research about them) to supplement a  helpful learning experience. This established body of knowledge has been an integral part of the podcast. 


Just imagine how much potential we have within our own energies. The universe is 98% empty space which means all sentient and living organisms make up less than 2% of the universe’s totality.  You possess unimaginable energy that is imbued by the universe because you are part and parcel of Creation. We are entirely made up of energy and cosmic molecules. 


Every stage of development and every density of evolution has a learning catalyst that can help you change, grow, and move into a better state of evolution.  Evolution does not skip steps. It is always a step-by-step process. Where are we now and how this evolution leads us toward Higher Density Living? The higher self is simply having the full understanding of the relations of experience of the “entity” in which mainstream canons refer to the entity as the “6th density” form of mind, body, and spirit.  The mind, body, and spirit complex is responsible for transformational changes in the in-between evolution of densities as it helps grow an evolved mind that can comprehend realities beyond material senses.  An evolved mind holds many positive values. It cannot directly communicate with its older form due to having a lack of true wisdom and tacit cognition. It is, as Alexander and Jason would teach, the known and unknowns.


Let us join them as they discuss the Law of One Material.