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Higher Density Living Podcast

Dec 23, 2021

Lessons take an entire lifetime to understand. Many have searched to tame the ultimate reality of wisdom and meaning of life, as such, man has established complex disciplines, philosophy, school of thought, and ideas to the many meanings of life. The last episode dealt with Worry, Anxiety, and Fear, now we go forward on how to clear the darkness and let the light back in. Higher Density Living reminds us once again to cherish the time we have in this world. Time is essential, and life is too precious to be wasted on false reality. The past never defines the meaning of your present. It is the present that defines the meaning of all times.


This episode revisits several themes from past episodes. Contrary to the negative orientation of the previous episode. This episode deals with the philosophical inquiry on the meaning of life. Albeit unorthodox, Higher Density Living removes the complexities of contemporary philosophy and renders their own, accessible understanding of the meaning of life. Clarity is less complex and more elegant for listeners to enlighten their path in a good life. 


There is more than the eyes can see. The material prison has an entrance and exit, a way out, and a way in. The seen and unseen. Your journey into the unknown is always a balance between the physical and non-physical realm is systematically put into a place like a game-board. Filling up that balance means you taking up love and service to others. Every action, word, and existence committed affect the board state. Start opening your mind and spirit for you to define the meaning of life. It’s us putting attachment to the meaning of Life.