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Higher Density Living Podcast

Mar 20, 2023

For today’s episode, we continue the discussion of well-known contemporary “conspiracy” theories of the past. This will be a running segment in the show as Alexander and Jason tackle the subject of history, the side of the story which has never been in the limelight of historical narratives as they give their purview. Their urge is to see the important application of decentralizing power from conventional stories and perspectives.


Alexander and Jason explore the hard science behind the orgone energy. In 1939, Wilhelm Reich was looking at a petri dish of collected sand from next to the ocean. From here, he saw a glaring reaction in the dish, as if it generates an energy of its own. This discovery brought new lights to an unknown life force. The energy harnesses its form from the solar power of the sun. In essence, it was the first known record of transmutation. This energy then accumulates its own power, regenerating an infinite resource for biomes and organisms to harness its power.


This episode will revisit psychoanalysis as it helps us explains the transmutation of matter through energy and psychological frequencies from the story of Wilhelm Reich’s attempt to tame the Orgone Energy. Reich successfully accumulated biones into solidified energy sources. This successful experiment has been utilized for therapeutic applications.


Tragically, the groundbreaking work of Wilhelm Reich has been remembered in history as a dismissive pseudoscience. A story of a manufactured conspiracy by the mainstream media outlets of conventional “sciences”. This “conspiracy” is further vindicated by the federal government to erase the knowledge of orgone energy and confiscate all related documents pertaining to its existence.


The truth will always set us free. Higher Density Living podcast let us unearth this knowledge to the Free World. Wilhelm Reich’s brilliant discovery may cease to exist but our pursuit of knowledge will never.


As always, Higher Density Living reserves no dogma because only the truth prevails in the universe. History is judged by enlightened communities, and the Higher Density Living podcast is committed to the exact cause. You are the center of the universe. Let us join Alexander and Jason as they discuss the infinite energy source.