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Higher Density Living Podcast

Apr 18, 2022

There are revealing patterns to trace the behavior of Aliens in major issues of human affairs. For example, whenever there are nuclear explosions there is a sudden increase of Alien activities. One alien race might resurface to the public eye or a spacecraft might travel at a transcontinental pace.


Building off of the previous episode we know that Russian had prior experience with UAP in their industrial provinces, we have confirmed from Kremlin’s official acknowledgement, together with its TASS official news agency, that pinhead “Aliens” emerged from a large “disk” like spacecraft. 


This episode also originates from Jason Rigby as he shares his source of information regarding the Russia-Ukraine crisis. This case makes it more controversial as this is the first incidence of Aliens waging limited belligerence as they destroy Russian military units. An article published by CBN last March 3rd tells a local incident story of an alleged “undisclosed” weapon system. Ukrainians claim that the “sky” was shooting selected Russian armored vehicles and infantry combat transports. We can neither confirm nor deny whether it is exact alien technology or man made military operations.


Aside from the geopolitical significance of the topic due to international concerns we also further discern the effort to unravel Alien phenomena across different parts of the world. Higher Density Living does not make any political statements for the conflict nor the splitting hairs international politics and diplomacy. We are an apolitical organization that does not endorse any political ideology. 


The end point here is that we've desired to make these choices and face the consequences of the courses of actions and choices we have made, as a human civilization, society, and as a whole, to put ourselves in the position of taking full responsibility for each and all of our actions.


Let us join Alex and Jason as they investigate the Russo-Ukraine war alien incident.