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Higher Density Living Podcast

Feb 20, 2023

Welcome back to Higher Density Living! For this episode, we continue the discussion of well-known contemporary German conspiracy theories. This will be a running segment in the show as Alexander and Jason tackle the subject of history, the side of the story which has never been in the limelight of historical narratives as they give their purview. Their urge is to see the important application of decentralizing power from conventional stories and perspectives.


We revisit familiar themes of classic Cold War Era security issues. This episode put forward the discussion about nuclear weapon and its scientific study and technological developments at the time. The early Cold War years was the primetime of debates on  nuclear policy and strategy. Unlike the ground, air, and naval domains of warfare, nuclear warfare inflicts instantaneous and decisive victory,  like the year-long wars before like World War II, the age of nuclear weapons could bring close to a war within a few days. That its potential devastation to destroy population centers and key industries would “transcend all tactical issues” . These supposed “absolute weapons” were meant to be clandestine under the “ Manhattan Project” but fell into public attention with the Trinity Test.  

This led to the development of America’s The Cold War Missile Defense establishment, a massive industry of military business outsourcing, political profiteering, and leaked Alien Technology. The increased frequency of UFO incidents in the mid 20th century is largely credited to these technological advancements. However, higher wisdom signals higher restraints warned mankind of a possible future of man-made armageddon and total annihilation.


As always, Higher Density Living reserves no dogma because only the truth prevails in the universe. History is judged by enlightened communities, and the Higher Density Living podcast is committed to the same cause. You are the center of the universe. Let us join Alexander and Jason as they discuss the atomic age and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.