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Higher Density Living Podcast

Sep 4, 2022

Jason Rigby will take a solo flight for several episodes. This is the first in his series of podcasts at Higher Density Living while Alexander McCaig is away at the moment. In this episode, Jason takes us along to his eloquent prose about finding the meaning of love. 


This episode is a full-length response to one of our email inquiries. Wonderful couple of wanderers shared an insightful newsletter. We ask the question, what are regrets? Why do we feel the pain of the past that keeps us coming back? Can we ever go back in reverse and manifest our destiny according to our desire? At first glance, it may seem like something out of self-help. But there is a much deeper meaning underneath it. Dealing with the problems of regret is a completely spiritual thing. As a complex subject, the generous people behind the inquiry share a wonderful pool of knowledge in dealing with regrets. You have to ask yourself, how could I change the way I think?


The thing is it is out of our control, out of time and space. We identify and play victim with the hurt. You can’t stop the waves, but you can grab a surfboard and see how you go with the flow. You just need to look inside of yourselves because the answer is in there. Jason simply asks to find the answers within ourselves. Remind yourself that you are loved.


Let us listen to Jason as he talks about regrets.