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Higher Density Living Podcast

Mar 4, 2023

In today’s episode, we continue the discussion of well-known contemporary German conspiracy theories. This will be a running segment in the show as the subject of history will be tackled, the side of the story which has never been in the limelight of historical narratives as they give their purview. Their urge is to see the important application of decentralizing power from conventional stories and perspectives.


Alexander and Jason orient the dangers of self-serving ideologies. We shed focus on the example of extremist Aryan belief systems. Aryans claim to have harnessed an infinite source of power called “Vril” or Power of the Gods. Its possessors, the Vril-ya, have transcended war, envy, and even democracy to establish an egalitarian utopia. The myth of Vril was quickly co-opted by the same Victorian mystics who inspired it, then passed down into the hands of nativist German cults which turned into the bedrock of German National Socialist Movements.


The Nazi ideology and its grand germanic ascendancy came from a multitude of fringe political, esoteric, and unorthodox European upbringings. There has been a lengthy detail about the occultist tendencies of Fascist Germany which have been previously discussed on Higher Density Living. This episode entails the Vril society, a secluded elite group famously imagined in “The Coming Race” novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, published anonymously in 1871. The Vril society, as a service to self device, has delivered its purpose to formalize Nazi ideology on race, culture, and its occultist upbringing to center stage.


How do you not fall into these traps of ideologies? But ideologies cannot be universal if it serves a specific purpose, a specific interest, and group thinking that excludes the vast majority outside its banal dictation.  We should be like the sun, it shines on all forms of life. There is love and life to all.


As always, Higher Density Living reserves no dogma because only the truth prevails in the universe. History is judged by enlightened communities, and the Higher Density Living podcast is committed to the same cause. You are the center of the universe. Let us join Alexander and Jason as they discuss another secret society.