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Higher Density Living Podcast

Jan 27, 2022

This episode continues the scientific methodology for determining immaterial thoughts. The human mind is an infinitely powerful tool, and we can bet on government officials using all of their ingenuity, unlimited access to data, and bottomless well of national resources to analyze UAP incidents around the world. We later delve into the different bureaucratic offices of the United States Department of Defense and its oriented programs committed to tracking down, analyzing, and processing data of UAP flight signatures in US territorial airspace.  This episode details the five findings and threat assessments of UATP reports; (1) Airborne Clutter, (2) Natural Atmospheric Phenomena, (3) USG or Industry Developmental Programs, (4) Foreign Adversary Systems, and (5) Catch all bin. It is infuriating how much tax money is kept from public transparency and how much additional funding is needed for in-depth research and development outputs. Later discoveries will serve as a springboard for future podcast episodes.


Let’s join Alex and Jason as they discuss inter-governmental operations, paranormal activities, and extraterrestrial encounters.