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Higher Density Living Podcast

Jan 20, 2022

Since time immemorial the blighted bliss of human enlightenment stretches beyond truth and boundaries of understanding. Human intellect has instructed free will to dissolve logic and reason, in other words, our civilization is built upon service to self and arrogance to understanding others. You can look no further into history. Recent memory can indicate the advanced decay of communication. We have taken for granted the technology to think. It effectively creates an absence of full responsibility in thought.  Technology has grown and we understand each other less. Technology and information overload infect consciousness to understand the meaning at deeper levels. Higher Density Living addresses this concerning the decay of sentient consciousness across other podcasts such as TARTLE and ABQ to address the central problem in disenchanting the elusive construct of the material falsehood of greed, dogma, and power. These are the corrupting influences against consciousness.


Ancient Greece invokes logos as the supreme reason and authority of the mind. Logos is the maxim of the group. In this episode, Alex and Jason will connect the dots from many previous episodes to tackle science versus religion. The gap between dogma and natural laws is the reason, or as the Greeks refer to as Logos. We can trace meaning as the understanding of consciousness. Showing light in creation is at the pinnacle of enlightenment, a similar distaste towards immaterial values. You have to be aware first to recognize the pattern. A reversion to “Creative Consciousness” as the roadmap for human thinking towards science.  


Let’s join Alex and Jason as they delve into deeper meaning. History, ancient religion, and medieval philosophy. From the crisis of the old into the future of higher wisdom, as seamless as the Creation itself achieving a sense of awareness in existence makes consciousness bind us together.