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Higher Density Living Podcast

Feb 28, 2022

This episode is culled from Curt Rowlett’s 2006 blog titled My experiences in the Bermuda Triangle. Curt was a USN merchant marine and a coast guard serving for more than 15 years. Opening up a salvo of anecdotes and eyewitness accounts of seamen, naval officers, and aircraft pilots. The two-part podcast focuses on another case study of human encounters with advanced alien spacecraft. This time around we can see the convergence zone of earth and its parallel counterparts through transdimensional parts condensed by the peculiar region of the Bermuda triangle.  Unidentified phenomenon is not limited to airspaces; it can also manifest on the high seas. The world around us offers vast places to explore.


This episode tells the experiences of Curt Rowlett’s passage in the Andros islands. The Sweetgum USCG was tasked to conduct littoral missions in the seventh district of Miami, Florida down to Andros Island in the Bahamas stumbling unintentionally to a trans-dimensional gate shrouded by thick clouds of volatile weather and condensed vaporized ocean current. What they found was something more than meets the eye. Parallel worlds exist through open trans-dimensional gateways. The Plejaren told this concept through the implicit description, that these phenomenons are actually parallel worlds opened up by alien spacecraft. These gateways are an unorthodox way to “abduct” native earthlings to extraterrestrial spaces. Towards the end we close the chapter by mentioning several Cryptozoic creatures in the Bahamas which might explain some natural causes of the influence of dimensional alien portals to mixed up and alter genetic mutations of earth’s natural wildlife or, better yet, are these loose descriptions of alien creatures gotten lost through one of the parallel dimensional gates? Stay tuned to higher density living and find out more.


Let’s join Alex and Jason as they discuss the distortion of time and space.