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Higher Density Living Podcast

May 30, 2022

Is it possible to reverse mankind’s greatest catastrophic casualty? Can we bring back extinct animals and endangered species directly affected by manmade disasters, such as climate change and pollution, and salvage any positive resemblance for biodiversity in the future?  A warning for a possible “Jurassic Park” disaster in the future.


In this episode, Alex and Jason revisit some scientific and ethical aspects of genetic engineering and its by-product, genetically modified organisms for the prospects of scientific renaissance. Science can actually create positive change in our current state of evolution, moreover, we can reverse some major damages we’ve done against the natural world.


Mass extinctions are off the charts since mankind began to industrialize, and then globalized, human activities. Reaching every nook and cranny we have caused the abrupt demise of countless species. Restoring the balance and former glory of nature is our responsibility of stewards of Creation.  


A recent YouGov study suggests that a lot of people support the current preservation of endangered animals, but what about extinct ones? We believe that everyone has the right to have a chance and see the beauty of nature what it was before. We should set aside, let loose the irrational fears and realize that science can actually help make our world, our mother nature, a better place than today. We should owe up to our own mistakes. We are responsible for more animal extinction than all of mother nature’s natural selection.


In the end, we must accept the inevitability of life and death. In many ways, life finds a way to push and move forward. Evolution is a constant process of refining life closer to perfection, closer to Creational truths beholden in the very essence of nature. Nurturing and positive growth.


We can only imagine the possibilities if all animals were still, somehow, alive today. Affecting our ecosystem, but we have the power to make imagination into reality. Let’s join Alex and Jason as they discuss the possibilities of life.