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Higher Density Living Podcast

Jul 31, 2021

The podcast series is set to launch for its second entry of “the Ayn Rand Series” which follows the congruent philosophical ontology, epistemology, and ethical framework of Ayn Rand in relation to Creational Laws and Full Responsibility. In this episode, Alex-Jason tackles disinformation, that is to say, deliberate distortion of reality and manipulation of the truth for one’s advantage and selfish gain. The cultural revolution of late-stage capitalism has put enormous primacy on “Hive Mind” motifs vis-à-vis Mass Media institutions, as one would say, there is no truth in media due to the part it was created with “Manufactured Consent”. 

Learn how to be objective in truth and restraint from believing in distorted images. Let’s join Alex-Jason as Philosophy and Creation bounds to conjecture in the Higher Density Living podcast.