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Higher Density Living Podcast

Jun 6, 2021

This Podcast episode revisits several discussions on Freewill and the dilemma of self-imposing habits against another’s choice of values, perspective, and way of life. The unfettered tolerance of individual power through conscious choices and socially constructed norms of Freewill are essential pillars in an individual entity. It is often understood the profitable ventures of self-help industries as means of exploiting Freewill through half-baked philosophies and rampancy of commercial capitalism, which easily translates into a fraudulent learning experience. Moreover, these representations create the spirit of Hierarchies, instead, learn how to promote open access of knowledge, information, and wisdom to anyone without external dictation. Let’s join Alex-Jason as they debunk the true, greedy, and sometimes evil schemes of pretentious Gurus in this wonderful episode of Higher Density Living.