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Higher Density Living Podcast

Nov 19, 2021

Alex and Jason continue where they left off in the previous Trent episode, discussing similar public hearings, press/media exposure, and mass audience notice on the peculiar McMinnville sightings brought to daylight in American pop-culture extravaganza. But above all the ever-looming influence of American Military - National Security Apparatus pestering local incidents of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

The Cold War Era host many militarized machinations to preserve the strategic hegemony of America against the Communist Bulwark of the USSR. Chief among them is the development of sophisticated air force systems and exploitation of nuclear energy for strategic missile strikes. The Codon Committee and its subsequent establishment for one of the most controversial US Military programs during the Cold War, Project Blue Book, spawning a rigorous investigation to unearth the secrets. Taming the secrecy and its Gatekeeping Fortress surrounding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena breaking through the taproot sightings on local earthlings wondering precariously in their everyday life. Juggling from federal witch-hunting to mass media craze into Government induced pop-cultural phenomena catapulting the Trent Photos as a prominent UFO trope. Despite all these businesses, Aliens remain resilient to reach out to us and contact us through their display of highly advanced equipment to local individuals.