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Higher Density Living Podcast

Nov 15, 2021

Continuing a popular trope in Higher Density Living is yet another mini-series of podcasts relating to historical sightings of Unidentified Aerial Objects. The rural findings of Paul and Evelyn Trent capturing an oblong plateau-ish spacecraft hovering above the skies of the couple’s farmland were significant images today. Just like various reports during its time the Mcminnville UFO phenomena remain imprinted in the community as clear-shot and credible Alien images. Higher Density Living will celebrate many more future episodes concerning various UFO incidents across the history of the USA.

In this episode, Alex and Jason make crossroads for testing the popular denial of mankind against Extraterrestrial Phenomena. A casual discussion among various topics ranging from personality development to religion takes us into McMinnville, a simple grassland utopia sitting in the middle of Oregon state, where during the 1950s was a grazing farmland for agricultural American communities as they discuss a brief introduction and background for McMinnville county and get a sense of its community identity back in 1950s.

Sedentary rural farmland grazing in America Midwest to the industrialization of United State’s Nuclear Weapons Program, Procurement, and Transformation of Aerospace Technology through Rocket Propulsion systems. As related with Dr. Daniel Fry’s White Sand Missile Project the Aliens have traveled far and wide revealing themselves to unsuspecting citizens. Decades of federal military investigations squandered to deny, shroud, and deliberately cover up the existence of Aliens. Higher Density Living is here to bring this topic up at your service. Join us in this discussion and help spread awareness. 

Let’s join Alex and Jason as they discuss Ethical Science, Contemporary Philosophy, Nuclear Weapons History, and Social Science.