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Higher Density Living Podcast

Apr 23, 2022

Urban mythology holds many unfounded stories and controversies that captured the imaginations of public opinion, mass media, and pop culture. This episode focuses on one particular story during the early 1930’s. The wild west upbringing of Los Angeles claims to unearth the underground catacomb systems of urban LA. The catacombs were made by an advanced and biologically superior race of “Lizard People” living underneath Los Angeles five thousand years ago. For historical context, downtown Los Angeles city is a natural deposit of oil rich resources underneath its greater metropolitan area.


In this episode, Alex and Jason discuss the possibilities for highly, “super race”, sentient species to construct an advanced civilization preceding Mankind and the Atlanteans? The story is loosely drawn from a Hopi myth by a tribesman called Chief Green Leaf, which was told to a geophysicist and mining engineer named George Warren Shufelt in 1933.


A lot of treasure hunters and gold rush miners haul to this industry in hopes of earning easy wealth during early days of Western industrialization. The central figure is Engineer Shufelt who had invented a “radio x-ray machine”, which claims to be capable of detecting underground tunnels,  and help bolster the promise of an ancient sheepskin map to exploit treasure hunting. Moreover, the story of lizard people has a cultural significance for native America and the history of America.


Shufelt claims he found nineteen hundred square feet of tunnels, rooms with nine thousand feet of floor space, and sixteen places where gold was stored. But there is no telling how to confirm the authenticity of his gold find.


Let’s join Alex and Jason as we take a journey together to the catacombs of Los Angeles.