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Higher Density Living Podcast

Apr 12, 2022

Higher Density Living will clear away the untruthful conventions and perception in meditative learning.


Many self-help methodologies posit meditation as an activity of “stillness” or “uneventful process of introspection”. Alex and Jason say otherwise, the prevailing dogmatic narrative hinders the intrinsic value of meditation. Meditation is not about the aggregate experiences from your past actions. It is a function of slowing the thoughts hindering creational energy.meditation activities allows unfettered flow of cosmic information.


According to Alex and Jason in this episode, meditation brings you closer to the truth, closer to creation. Moreover, Jason succinctly applies meditation as a concept easier to understand not as a tool, a trick, a way you got to have things done right to condition the mind of a selfish, egoistic, and prideful path towards “illusive” sense of hierarchy. Just like being “woke” imposing knowledge propositions on other people. Ego, regardless if it's politically ideological, individualistically prideful, or religiously dogmatic, blinds your vision and thoughts towards higher universal truths.  


Frustration comes from not knowing how to build up perseverance. That meditation is just a quick tool to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. Meditation is a process and people who understand the process have taken the time, diligence, experience, and practice to handle these energies.


Indulging the superpower complex.


“Your way is the exact way” understanding the truth within you is through silence.  All other things are illusions, all things that distracts you and distorts the mind from Creation itself. These are the things kept us in hiding, kept our self-empowering energies from maximizing its fullest potentials. Knowing the self is always the first step towards greater enlightenment, towards a higher density of living in this universe.


Let’s join Alex and Jason as they show us the true meaning of meditation and self-awareness.