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Higher Density Living Podcast

Sep 14, 2022

We continue on the episode with Jason Rigby taking us along to the discussions of self-love and self-abandonment through the aid of Dr. Margaret Paul, the  acclaimed author of “Inner Bonding: Becoming A Loving Adult To Your Inner Child”, teaches us a run down basics about spiritual relationship, as in romance, but not the usual type we commonly perceived as physical affection or sensation.


Jason breaks down some of Dr. Margaret’s famous context and he mixes up in conjunction with Creational Laws. There are many intricate but connecting lessons from this episode. He then streamlines the entire episode into four takeaways. But as Higher Density Living leaves the lessons to the viewer, you take the responsibility to find the answers within yourselves. Remind yourself that you are in love.  


You have the Free Will to reverse and move on from it. Go and let your journey be a path of recovery. This is expanded through the idea of love and care. Jason Rigby also shares his anecdotal discourse to actualize the discussion for the audiences. You, the vested entity of Creation, is part and parcel of Creation in itself. As living entities, we literally have the power to create worlds of our own. Each second we have an infinite number of thoughts that can be materialized into reality. But such a rapid, bombarding concept may seem overwhelming, but it is within us the power of the universe to make our lives better. We have the power of love and reason. 


There is always a chance to learn and grow everyday. The path of your life is always the standard operating procedure of Creation and Evolution. Achieve greatness in small beginnings.


Let us join Jason as he discusses self-love.