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Higher Density Living Podcast

Jul 26, 2021

The philosophical relevance of Objectivism stood as the adamant force against the Liberal-Enlightenment establishment for the past Century. Alex-Jason revisits the hubris of mass negativity and the promising learnings and teachings of Ayn Rand consistent with Orion Group mentality. Objectivism serves a physical and psychological balance in the Creational sense, the laws of positive and negative energy. The panopticon of Orion Group technology surveil our skies, undersea, and the land. The supremacy of their technology enables us to penetrate our social institutions and machinery to work according to their LOGIC. Power comes from the manipulation and control of higher entities. 

For the latest podcast episode on “Orion Groups” we will journey with Alex-Jason on the Philosophical quagmires of Objectivism, Ubermensch Individualism, and the fabrications of Capitalism to excuse personal wealth, greed, and power. Let’s join them as Philosophy and Creation bounds to conjecture in the Higher Density Living podcast.