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Higher Density Living Podcast

Dec 22, 2021

The Ayn Rand podcast series of Higher Density Living delivered compelling discursive argumentations against the spoils of Freedom. It is crucial to highlight the self-preservation of individual free will despite the conformity of collective norms. Inlined to creational laws, the immaculate conditions of Reason and Free Will enable emancipation of Freedom from constricting societal dogmas, YOU ARE UNIQUE, in your own beautiful way. Alex-Jason will constantly remind us of truthful evolution, constant progress to evolve better. And you, the audience of this podcast, will always have that power to be better.


This podcast episode revisits several themes from past episodes. The negative orientation of human emotions is the central tenant of imagination. The focal point of human fatalism, as imagined by a sense of FALSE REALITY, is FEAR. The feeling of Fear exacerbates Creation to be backward, regressive, and bents Creational wisdom out of truth. Knowledge-driven by fear promotes unhealthy ENLIGHTENMENT, which CORRUPTS learning and cooks impurities as food for the mind and spirit. Alex and Jason analyzed some very human data gathered from to process, to liberate people from their worry state. In one with Creational Enlightenment, Alex and Jason help us find focus in the mind of the seen and unseen evolution happening beyond ourselves and in between everything else. The only thing to fear is fear itself. “Never be trapped in silence” and learn to speak up for your own Free Will. 


Drawing up historical antecedents, we marveled how the shadow of Nuclear Annihilation followed public anxiety throughout the cold war. Today, we experience primal fears of the constant economic downturn due to volatile markets, complex depression networks through digital social media, a raging COVID-19 pandemic, and the final nail in the coffin of Climate Change threatening to end Mankind. Higher Density Living offers a great calibration to think for the mind, body, and spirit to learn opportunities to combat potential and external degrees of fear, worry, and anxiety. Only when we can muster our thoughts and creational power to balance positive and negative energies. 


The crossroads for the material and immaterial realms of Social, Physical, and Spiritual Sciences are oneness in Creation. We need to understand more deeply the root foundation of these elements for us to stay upfront with Truth and Reality to free us from the prison of false reality.