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Higher Density Living Podcast

Jan 9, 2022

Higher Density Living podcast revisits another central theme of human philosophy, the Ego. We had several podcasts in the past discussing the relevance of ego in the material and physical diaspora of reality. The conventional narrative of the spiritual self-help system is imposed by mainstream intellectuals and social gurus. More often there is little value culled from these falsified logos and ethos, in other words, conventional self-help philosophies are based on the centrality of Ego and selfishness. Self-enhancement is not spiritual progression, it is important to dichotomize the difference between enlightenment and intellectual hubris. There are no substantial truths within the commercial construction of living the way of life, not unless if you live in a false material sense of happiness and pursuit of truth. Enlightenment is not a circus, it is not a show and tell to flaunt with other people.


This episode details a discussion on individual rationality and its consequential manifestation and reason for the disposal, dismissal, and inefficacious mantle of a self-help guru. A false sense of reality is disguised as commercial promotion for profit-based teaching. Our personalities are all unique and beautiful in their own rights, but no one is exceptional to the universe. Never impose your hubris and free will upon others.


Alex and Jason argue an assault against empirical logic and the intellectualism common everywhere. The systematic institutionalization imposed by higher education constrains Creation and Evolution to realize full potential. Intellectualism is not exceptional to any saturated man-made institution. Book-smart is not a one size fits all solution to ignorance. The aggregation of all these self-help and dogmatic machinations does not define external answers. Exogenous learning does not necessarily come from the outside. The answers in life come from the inside.


Let’s join Alex and Jason as they discuss Ego and self-enlightenment.