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Higher Density Living Podcast

Nov 18, 2022

For this episode, Alexander and Jason will tackle the issue of racism in religious institutions, particularly the Catholic Church. The religious institution has been built from a complex mob and organized violence that perpetuated the culture of racism among other believers of the faith. Racism should stop based on superficial aggression and artificial insecurity. Having other races accumulate financial wealth is not an indication of hostility towards other races.


In the material world, the mind and body are continuously decaying as the consequence of a change in evolution. The blockage of memory that connects the conscious and subconscious creates fear. We also learn that the actual, physical body is a thermal capacitor. The meat suit can literally absorb light and energy. You cannot simply judge a person by just one color, there are many other intangible characteristics needed to be seen in order to have proper judgment. We know only the surface level of reality.


Nature was never out to get or tame you. Nature is here to uplift your opportunities to learn and grow. You can make a choice within the greater causality in this universe.


Beyond this expansive enterprise of religion and dogmatic systems, there arises the essence of Creation and true enlightenment. The whole point of Creation is about thriving and growing, it is to expand beyond your current state of evolution. There is great appreciation for seeking a greater understanding of higher wisdom.  As always, Higher Density Living reserves no dogma because only the truth prevails in the universe.