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Higher Density Living Podcast

Apr 29, 2022

Higher Density Living brought many past discussions regarding advanced humanoid races with “man-like” physiology but achieved a higher state of living, both in natural evolution and cosmic evolution. But the question remains, how many humanoid life forms are out there?


In this episode, we’ll discuss the futuristic possibility for better human life and a comparative analysis based off of the Billy Meier materials. We take a nuanced approach to Plejarens and other celestial humanoids. Well, we found out  major species; Humanoids, Amphiboids, Hexapods, and Reptilians will be centered in this episode.


There are millions and an infinite amount of beings but only ones having some sort of consciousness evolution; walking, talking, thinking, self-aware, mentally and spiritually evolving humanoids. The escalating progression of positive, conscious evolutions will bring more species into life. We have no idea what the universe holds for life. We are not alone. People need to understand that our civilization, everything about us, is not entirely unique to Creation. There are other like-minded, even physically familiar bodies out there waiting to be known.


Alex and Jason discuss the major humanoid species and the possibilities for highly, “super race”, sentient species deserves special attention for discussion.


This episode also discusses the critical importance of advanced genetic engineering. Bringing this clinical innovation for universal applications can revolutionize current technology civilization. Genetics holds the key to unlocking. Cleansing the genetic pool is the closest thing to immortality.


Join Alex and Jason as they explore the major diasporas of humanoid species.