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Higher Density Living Podcast

Oct 30, 2021

This final part of the Enlightenment series follows a more pragmatic approach to enlightenment as Alex and Jason conclude their ideas of micro-triggers. As with the previous episode, they present us a connection of command under the guise of a metaphorical “programme” to human Free Will in line with the logic of Creational Laws. Free Will enables you to harness triggers as it provides you the freedom to pursue your own enlightenment in this material life. But these programs may act as Self-Righteous Nurses. Stop deflecting all your burdens and challenges on other People, stop looking to God for answers, stop begging for others to save you. YOU HAVE FREE WILL SO USE IT IN FULL AWARENESS. 


Do not be trapped in a psychiatric ward where everything in your life is dictated and orchestrated because you need to follow the rules on HOW YOU SHOULD LIVE YOUR LIFE. Never be afraid to stand up for your Free Will, because the truth is, a truly enlightened individual will use his/her Free Will for CREATION, never for the expense of values for untrue beliefs of others.