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Higher Density Living Podcast

Nov 23, 2021

Leadership is all about learning how to be a follower and teaching others how to be a leader. Good leadership always has full responsibility and control of one’s own Free Will. It should never be a subject of personal corruption to extend power outside oneself because the corruption of leadership animates fertile grounds for disorder and violence among your follows including yourself. You are given power by CREATION to move mountains and achieve your goals, you are capable of rational approaches to evaluate problems and formulate sound strategies to deal with them, so make use within your power to influence goodness around you and produce thoughts in proper harmony with universal laws of CREATION. 

Higher Density Living has brought us a meaningful reconciliation of our spiritual, social, and internal meditation in dealing with the challenges we face in everyday life. Alex and Jason take us to a practical approach for channeling CREATIONAL LAWS in the full spectrum for navigating spiritual resolution. Bringing a beacon of light as the center of discussion in this two-part podcast mixes all transcendental learning of cosmic wisdom through open-mindedness and personality development of actual self-help methods. This episode explores the popular concepts of Leadership across political, social, and ideological characteristics of human relations in Western Civilization. Alex and Jason provide sober perspectives on how leaders operate under the conditions of FEAR and LOVE by understanding its consequences unto his/her followers and group as a whole and demands you, the listener, to be free from silence or disempowerment to use your FREE WILL. Belief is not true and there are no absolute truths in personal judgment. Natural and Creational Laws take your Free Will to act according to the deterministic workings of Nature.

Alex and Jason propose an idea of Evolutionary Leadership which is a fresh take on leadership where an individual commands his/her Free Will in service to others consistent with Creational Laws and the Law of One. Honesty and Transparency are the main principles of Evolutionary Leadership that bring us all together in the Center of ONENESS. You will learn how to turn on the switch and open the lights rather than just merely following the leading in your darkened vision. You need first to understand yourself before you lead others. Learn to be the light for others to follow too.

Let us join Alex and Jason as they lead us into Creational Leadership.