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Higher Density Living Podcast

Apr 17, 2023

In this podcast episode, Alexander presents us the return of a special guest, Michael Horn, as they tackle Billy Meier’s expose on Unidentified Flying Objects in this second feature-length episode of Higher Density Living.


In this second featurette, Michael Horn reviews his 40 years of experience as a science researcher on the Billy Meier Material. The story of Meier and Horn is a complex and controversial one, as it involves not only the claims and evidence of UFO encounters but also the character, motivations, and contradictions of the two men. Meier, who was born in 1937 in Switzerland, claims that he has been visited by extraterrestrial beings since he was five years old and that he has had hundreds of contacts with them over the years. According to Meier, the Pleiadians, as he calls them, have given him information about science, spirituality, ecology, history, and politics, as well as warnings about future catastrophes and global conflicts. Meier has also produced a large body of visual and audio evidence of his encounters, including photographs of UFOs, videos of beam ships, and sound recordings of telepathic messages.


In this exclusive episode, Michael Horn discusses the life and work of Billy Meier, a Swiss man who claims to have had contact with extraterrestrial beings since the 1940s. According to Horn, Meier's experiences and the evidence he provided has changed the world's perception of UFOs. This also revolutionized our understanding of higher wisdom and deeper truths through levels of analysis and comprehension unfounded by any preceding human thought.


Horn begins by providing some background on Meier's life. Meier was born in 1937 and grew up in Switzerland. In the 1940s, he began to have contact with extraterrestrial beings who he called the Plejaren. The Plejaren provided Meier with information about their civilization and about the universe in general. They also gave him warnings about the future of Earth and humanity.


Over the years, Meier claimed to have taken many photographs and videos of Plejaren's spacecraft. Some of these images are quite impressive and have been analyzed by experts who have declared them to be genuine. Meier also claimed to have received prophecies from the Plejaren, some of which have come true. Horn notes that Meier's claims have been controversial and have been the subject of much skepticism and criticism. However, Horn believes that the evidence that Meier has provided is compelling and that it cannot be easily dismissed. Horn discusses the impact that Meier's experiences have had on the world's perception of UFOs. Prior to Meier's claims, UFOs were generally dismissed as hoaxes or hallucinations. However, Meier's photographs and videos provided tangible evidence of their existence. This evidence, combined with Meier's claims of contact with extraterrestrial beings, has caused many people to take the idea of UFOs more seriously.


Additionally, Mr. Horn also discusses some of the other implications of Meier's claims, more so the implications for the near future of society and the study of UFOs. This takes us into the psycho-analytical purview of how the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious memory blocks of the mind work in unison through the thought process of understanding information and knowledge.