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Higher Density Living Podcast

Apr 16, 2021

The foundations of modern Belief Systems are rooted in institutional bias. A critical recipe to formulate individual rationalism of BIAS. The term Belief connotes irresponsibility against Individual Evolution and PERSONAL thoughts, a fabricated control or BE-LIE-F (No pun intended). Similar to Karma, Belief generates assumptions often inaccurate to reality, and perversely dogmatic in its nature, lacking internal values to Creation and rewards a shroud of false identity. Therefore, the lack of concrete and definitive meaning substituting assumptions and pretentious emotions.

In the previous podcast, Jason and Alex de-mystify the dogmatic religious and cultural perceptions of Belief. In this podcast episode, Let’s join Jason and Alex as they deconstruct the mundane mysticism and dogmatism of Belief. Join us in this Episode of Higher Density Living and open yourself in a higher order of being towards the path of Personal Evolution and CREATION. This second segment augments the functional and perfectly rational roles of KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, and TRUTH towards Evolution.