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Higher Density Living Podcast

Jan 21, 2022

This is part four of the seven principles for the aspiring one. A continuing trend concerning anxiety and fear. The effects of these negative-oriented energies have a profound influence on how we think rationally, emotionally through feelings, and spiritually because our free will and pathways to evolution are obscured by a false sense of reality. Hence we move forward to the discussion of decisive energy and positive strength. Self-confidence is not a toxic machoism, exhibiting another form of falsehood and illogical short-sightedness. You have to have a clear vision of strength and understanding in life. 


This episode will emphasize the value of decisive strength to take action, to create something, and make it happen. This line of thought stretches a seamless continuation of free will as an evergreen concept in the Higher Density Living podcast. Self-confidence is essential for effective creation. Alex and Jason focus on the sobriety of decisive strength. This fourth principle is all about having secure esteem and individual integrity. You need to plan the outcome in order to achieve desirable results from decisions. You can reap good benefits when you plan good work as the foundation of creation. Sow the seeds of creation and grow abundance. 


Let’s join Alex and Jason as they guide us on how to construct, realize, and shape outcomes through decisive strength and free will. Aspire to be triumphant.