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Higher Density Living Podcast

Apr 15, 2022

The simmering territorial conflict between Ukraine’s defensive fight and Russia’s unilateral invasion has sparked global controversies and unearths deep state and political interest in Alien technology. Whenever there is war, we can always expect the government to run for alien technologies.


Originally documented in September 27, 1989, the TASS news agency reported the collected eye witness accounts of aliens landing near Voronezh park. Voronezh is one of the former Soviet Union’s leading industrial centers, electronic development hubs, and commerce powerhouse. Russia inherited these resources and established capital industries to harness semiconductor production and computer manufacturing in the modern age. A nascent equivalent of a “Russian Silicon Valley” now spearheads R&D for Russia’s Ministry of Defense to procure and acquire cutting edge weapons technologies and aero-space defense for their military.


In this episode, Alex and Jason will have an extensive discussion regarding the “clandestine” nature of Voronezh and its historical ties with covert military facilities harboring alien spacecrafts. TASS news agency reported a compelling incident of a large spherical, disk-shape object, descending towards Voronezh park. The report was sketchy due to deliberate Kremlin censorship, but it holds a light for many UAP encounters outside the United States. This is a delightful episode delving into deeper controversies of Alien to government affairs. Who knows what Moscow is hiding from the rest of us?


These aliens feature weird tiny heads yet well structured bodies. ″The aliens were three or even four meters (9 to 12 feet) tall, but with very small heads,″ the news agency quoted witnesses as saying  ″They walked near the ball or disc and then disappeared inside″ very weird description in contrast to bulging headed “grays” commonly depicted in America. Their ship was more than 50 feet wide which obviously houses the entirety of Voronezh park. To know more in detail, let’s join Alex and Jason as they show us the secrets of the Voronezh UFO incident.