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Higher Density Living Podcast

Jun 23, 2021

In this special podcast episode, Alex-Jason treks back to reveal deeper accounts from the last topics of “Alien Genetics Rants”, presenting a more wider and sober account with special guest,  Tim Hinchliffe, the editor of The Sociable

His passions include writing about how technology impacts society and the parallels between Artificial Intelligence and Mythology. It is the rawness of Intelligence, stoic in character and objective of thought, without the meagerness of a soul. Following this line of thought, we can exacerbate the principles of the Law of One teaching in the nascent norms of technological ethics to the useful coexistence of AI together with Human sentient autonomy. 

Today we join Alex, Jason, and Tim as they tour us into various scenarios of probable Alien, the near future of dual-use technologies, and the lessons from the past.