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Higher Density Living Podcast

Feb 24, 2022

Alien hunting became a phenomenal trend in mass culture and captivated the public imagination. The advent of rapid digitalization and gradual disclosures of government records has shed light to fire the curiosity of alien hunters, private organizations, government agencies, and other invested groups to pursue and unravel the mysteries of government transparency regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.


This final episode explores the last two things we learn about aliens in 2022. Interstellar signals emitting from neighboring solar systems transmit a trigger to the collective consciousness of mankind. In this regard, Alex and Jason tackle the psychological as well as the pathological consequences of low-orbit signal transmission to the ordinary human mind. The karmic residue of radioactive isotopes from outer space claims to inhibit mental trauma. An interesting case where our host presents peer-reviewed scientific articles and several anecdotes to test the claim. 


This final part revisits many psychological as well as pathological aspects of alien abduction. Is the perception of experience a phenomenon of the mind in itself? An inductive analogy based on Dr. Joe Dispenza succinctly delivers a sense of foundation for logical reference to explain the psychological apparition of unverified alien abduction. This trilogy ends with a practical bang for those looking for a resolved conclusion.


Let's join Alex and Jason as they explore the wonders of prospects for intelligent alien life.