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Higher Density Living Podcast

Oct 24, 2022

In this episode, we discuss the clarity of joy. What is your basis of “joy”? Jason argues that there is more to Joy than simple positive emotions or feelings. Joy is a short but powerful word. Perhaps you can think of a moment of joy in your life. For many, it might be the moment of their marriage or the birth of a child. In other words, Joy is the true alignment with eternal peace. The energy siphons from the universe itself.


We can serve other people and we have the choice, and power to do good. But remember, you can do all of these out of sheer ego. There can be no happiness or resolute if you do not have joy in the things you do in life. At the same time, we’ve been taught and intuitively know that we define joy by more than a moment—it is more than circumstances. Happiness is dictated by circumstance.


In conjunction with previous episodes, we should keep close to our hearts and minds that whatever you do, it’s your life and your Free Will to make it so do whatever you must for yourself. Try new things and be the best version of yourself.